Majestic Tours

Explore iconic Nassau landmarks

City & Country Tour

Take a bus tour through the historic city of Nassau to learn the true history of our nation, seeing the famous sights that made our country.

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See Blackbeard brought back to life

Pirates Of Nassau

It is 1716, the golden age of piracy. Blackbeard controls the port of Nassau and has turned it into a safe haven for his band of pirate brothers...

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See Bahamian Heritage,

Local Culture Tour

Explore some of the unique aspects of our Bahamian culture. Visit a 'down home' Junkanoo shack, indulge in some savory treats at a chocolate factory, and later visit the National Heritage Museum to discover the amazing history of the Bahamas.

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Dolphin Encounters Stingray & Snorkel

Dolphin Encounters - Stingray Encounter & Snorkel

Rays the roof with a new animal experience at Blue Lagoon Island, home of Dolphin Encounters in the Bahamas! Our certified animal trainers will first teach you about the natural history of the gentle South-ern stingray in a fun, dockside briefing.

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We Escaped!

Blackbeard's Escape - A Pirate Themed Escape Room

Blackbeard's Escape is perfect for couples, families, schools, coworkers, shipmates, tourist, adults and children! Experienced escape gamers and those who haven't done one before will be equally challenged! A game master will keep a close eye on your game and offer help along the way as needed.

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Born Free Charters Eleuthera Adventure Swimming Pigs and Turtles.

Relax and enjoy the quaint island stops and unique animal encounters on this full day, all-inclusive tour led by local, experienced guides. Our beautiful and well maintained powerboats have been customized for speed and comfort to get you to your out island day away experience in style. Guests will enjoy a laid back day of adventure while visiting four highlights of Eleuthera and Rose Island. On this tour you will enjoy some of the beaches and food that the locals enjoy. Live like a Bahamian for the day and get ready for an adventure!

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Our Pleasure Craft

Aqua Shores Spanish Wells

Our day-time tour to Spanish Wells is packed with lots of fun-filled activities but also gives you lots of time to unwind, relax, and take in the beauty of the islands.

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Thriller Bahamas Speed Boat Tour

Thriller Bahamas Exhilarating Speed Boat Tour

Experience Nassau's most exhilarating speedboat tour!

Departing at regular intervals from the heart of the city, Thriller Bahamas is the fastest and most exciting way to see Nassau, Paradise Island, Rose Island and their surrounding waters.

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Pirate Jeep Tours Experience the Pirate Life

If you love Pirates, Jeeps, and exploring, you'll love Nassau's most exciting Sight-seeing Adventure!

Pirate Jeep Tours is an adventure tour throughout the pirate history of Nassau. Ride in a customized Pirate Jeep lead by Captain Whitebeard and his crew!

You are not just a tourist to us, you are a Matey! We will welcome you as apart of our pirate family.

ARRR!! you ready for a Pirate Adventure?

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Island Getaway 1

Island Getaway Rose Island Swimming Pigs

As we approach Island Getaway, the Swimming Pigs can sense our arrival. From the adults to the piglets, they will all be swimming, splashing and dashing through the turquoise waters, you can tell that they are enjoying their everyday activities.

At activity time, fresh piggies foods will be given to you to interact with the pigs and personally greet them. (i.e, carrots).

This once in a lifetime opportunity is priceless. Pigs may not fly, but they can surely swim! As you swim with them, they will have just as much fun as you will have.

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Black Sails Tours Ultimate Exuma Adventure Full Day

Experience the beautiful and storied beaches and cays of Exuma! Meet and feed Bahamian Rock Iguanas and the occasional bird that will come to rest in the palm of your hand at Allen's Cay. Next we will be off to swim with the friendly Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay which is sure to be a photo to remember. After we will visit and meet the World-Famous Swimming Pigs at Big Major Cay (aka Pig Beach)! Lunch is provided by a local restauranteur on Black Point where you will experience all that a truly Bahamian buffet has to offer! After lunch and all the preceding activities of the day, we will take a break to relax on a Plush Exuma Sandbank (tide permitting).

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Black Sails Tours Ultimate Eleuthera Adventure Full Day

Beautiful Eleuthera awaits you! Explore magnificent pink sand beaches, experience the friendly Meeks Patch Swimming Pigs in the crystal clear turquoise waters, meet and interact with turtles and starfish before taking a journey through Devil's Backbone. After you've worked up an appetite you will enjoy a delicious lunch on pink sandy shores.

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Glass Bottom Semi Submersive Eco Reef Tour

All aboard Cay Island Tours! Something nautical and newfangled now navigates Nassau's harbor, the coral reef and when the seas allowed, over an old shipwreck! We are talking about a seacraft that looks like a UFO (unidentifiable floating object) with its sleek, semi-submersive design and 72 inch-monocular.

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