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Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Swim

Experience the ultimate thrill of your vacation!

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  • Pricing: $258.50 per Person
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Full Details

The Dolphin Swim Program, offers a unique opportunity for playful, educational interaction with wonderful sea creatures, Dolphins, in their beautiful turquoise water natural ocean lagoon. Your Dolphin Swim Program begins with a fun orientation, briefly covering the natural history of dolphins, animal training techniques, ocean conservation and watching wildlife guidelines.

Strap on your lifevest and experience the joy of a dolphin kiss; fall in love with their gentleness, as you hug a dolphin in your arms. Dance and sing with our stars then, marvel at the dolphin strength as you are propelled across the lagoon in the finale behavior, "the footpush"! Trainers focus on allowing everyone to enjoy a high degree of interaction within this Dolphin Swim Program, while teaching you about these amazing animals in their natural habitat. Our professional photo & video staff will capture your swim with the dolphins, and ensure that you will have a chance to take home incredible souvenirs of your unforgettable experience.

If you're looking for a family oriented program during your trip to the Bahamas and you want to experience the best place to swim with dolphins, look no further than Dolphin Encounters.


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