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Stuart Cove's - 1-Tank Night Dive

See the underwater creatures of the night with this incredible experience only offered by Stuart Cove's!

  • Hotel transfer: not offered
  • Pricing: $146.52 per Person
  • Taxes included in the prices.
  • TO BOOK: +1 242 677 2600 or EMAIL.

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Full Details

Night dives at Stuart Cove's are 1-tank boat trips which can be scheduled to go out any night of the week. The only requirement the dive shop has is that night dives must have a minimum of 6 divers for the trip to depart. Typically night dive trips visit one of our ship wrecks.

We do not sell night dives in advance unless there is a group of 6 or more. Typically the dive shop is able to get a night dive out on either Friday or Saturday night. If you are interested in doing a night dive, simply let the girls at the dive check-in desk know and they will assist you selecting a night and locating additional divers.

Equipment Included: Tanks, Weights & Weight belt

Additional Equipment Required: Primary light for each diver (tank valve illumination, cylume stick, or valve light)

Pre-Requisite for Participation: Certified Diver, Minimum 6 participants


Scheduling information for this excursion is available on the booking form.