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Stuart Cove's - 2-Tank Morning Dive

Explore the walls, reefs, and wrecks around New Providence Island. See the wildlife of the shallow waters and the deep sea as you venture over the famous shelf that surrounds the island.

  • Hotel transfer: included
  • Pricing: from $216.48 per Person
  • Taxes included in the prices.
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Full Details

Morning 2-tank dive trips cater to our certified divers who want to explore the walls, reefs, and wrecks surrounding New Providence. Each morning all of the boats going out do this type of dive trip (unless there is an all-day Wilderness Seafari going out).

Your first dive is always a beautiful wall. On average our walls begin at 40 feet, although some are deeper. Each dive site along the wall is different and unique in its own way. The wall is wonderful for both new and advanced divers. Your dive master leads the dives to 80 feet for 30 minutes, however we are flexible around this as you and your buddies may prefer to stay up on the shallower ledge while others may plan their dive a bit deeper.

Your second dive is either a shallow reef or wreck dive. There are a number of beautiful reefs each with different coral formations and fish life. You may explore a 100 foot freighter in 50 feet of water; or the famous James Bond wreck in 40 feet of water or you may dive on the Cessna used in the filming of Jaws.

We decide on the specific site we will be diving on the actual dive day. This keeps us flexible and gives us an idea of what the best weather conditions are and what everyone on the boat would prefer to do.

Equipment Included: Tanks, Weights & Weight belt

Pre-Requisite for Participation: Certified Diver


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