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Stuart Cove's - Wilderness Seafari

This all day trip will give divers a chance to experience some of the Out-Islands of The Bahamas.

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Full Details

This all day trip will give divers a chance to experience some of the Out-Islands of The Bahamas. Your day long trip begins by crossing to the other side of the Tongue-of-the-Ocean and visiting Andros Island. This is approximately a 25 mile voyage and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Your first dive will be a blue hole. These are natural caves where a part of the roof has collapsed creating a "hole" with stalagmites still pointing up from the floors, and stalactites hanging down from the remaining ceiling areas. This dive is considered an advanced dive as you will reach depths of 130 feet.

Your second dive is along the pristine Andros wall. Similar to the walls on the New Providence side, the Andros area is only dived by a few divers each year. Thus you will see magnificent coral growth and large amounts of marine life.

On your return home your captain will attempt to stop at the AUTEC buoy. This buoy was tethered in the middle of the Tongue-of-the-Ocean by the US Navy for sonar testing with submarines. As a result of the permanent buoy - a population of tropical fish has developed in the shaded and algae covered bottom (of the buoy). This in turn attracts larger fish. It is at this site where we did our very first shark dives and what we will be looking for when we stop.

This is our shark site where the open water Silky Shark visits. If the Silkys are present, you will do your 3rd dive here - with the sharks. However, we must caution you that the Silky sharks are very transient and we cannot guarantee their presence. If they are there, you will experience one of the most unusual dives of your life - with the bottom 6,000 feet below you - this is a true blue water dive, with your only visual reference being the cable tethered to the bottom below. However the interaction with the silky sharks, including a demonstration of "Tonic Immobility" is truly spectacular.

Included in this specialty program are beverages and a picnic lunch.

Equipment Included: Tanks, Weights & Weight belt

Pre-Requisite for Participation: Certified Diver, Minimum 14 participants


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