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Stuart Cove's - Bubble Sub Excursion

Imagine going 20 feet below the surface, piloting your own submarine around beautiful reefs, colorful fish swimming around you.

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  • Pricing: from $165.76 per Person
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Full Details

Think of a self-contained underwater motorcycle with a large two-foot, clear dome keeping your head perfectly dry throughout your ride around the underwater reefs. A company called Bell Aqua, based in Florida, invented the units in the 1990's. You probably saw them for the first time on the television series "Sea Quest" when they were used as escape pods for the crew to abandon ship in case of an emergency.

The bubble or dome is large enough for your head, and even your hands. This ensures that you can still wear your eyeglasses and adjust them as necessary. It also means that you are breathing normally through your nose and mouth, without the need of snorkels or regulators like you would when SCUBA diving.

It is very easy to line up shots on your underwater camera by holding it up to the outside of the dome!

You have full control over the small, battery-operated engine that propels your personal sub unit. Your steering console allows you to direct the unit left and right, and it also contains your power switch. Safety divers are present to slowly take you up and down a control line during ascents and descents. There is also a buoy that is tethered to your sub, which prevents you from descending deeper than the planned 15-20 feet.

Life support is provided by air stored in a SCUBA cylinder that uses a ScubaPro* regulator to keep air continuously flowing into your bubble, keeping your breathing air fresh. You can actually see the bubbles flowing and hear the air hissing, so you are constantly aware that everything is in working order. In addition, you also have an instrument panel that shows you how much air is remaining in your tank, as well as your current depth.

The last component of your sub, the heavy battery (your power source), is stored on the floorboard. Combined with the lead weights in the bottom of your sub, and the buoyancy created from the large bubble at the top, your sub becomes an extremely stable platform that cannot tip over during your dive.

* ScubaPro is the world's leading manufacturer of underwater life support equipment, and offers the most reliable equipment available.


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