Majestic Tours

Explore iconic Nassau landmarks

City & Country Tour

Take a bus tour through the historic city of Nassau to learn the true history of our nation, seeing the famous sights that made our country.

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See Blackbeard brought back to life

Pirates Of Nassau

It is 1716, the golden age of piracy. Blackbeard controls the port of Nassau and has turned it into a safe haven for his band of pirate brothers...

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Welcome to Harbour Island!

Harbour Island Day Away

Enjoy a day away experience to a Bahamian Out Island aboard a luxury high speed ferry. View the amazing pink sand beaches and peaceful tranquility of Harbour Island on this fantastic adventure.

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See Bahamian Heritage,

Local Culture Tour

Explore some of the unique aspects of our Bahamian culture. Visit a 'down home' Junkanoo shack, indulge in some savory treats at a chocolate factory, and later visit the National Heritage Museum to discover the amazing history of the Bahamas.

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Dolphin Encounters Stingray & Snorkel

Dolphin Encounters - Stingray Encounter & Snorkel

Rays the roof with a new animal experience at Blue Lagoon Island, home of Dolphin Encounters in the Bahamas! Our certified animal trainers will first teach you about the natural history of the gentle South-ern stingray in a fun, dockside briefing.

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We Escaped!

Blackbeard's Escape - A Pirate Themed Escape Room

Blackbeard's Escape is perfect for couples, families, schools, coworkers, shipmates, tourist, adults and children! Experienced escape gamers and those who haven't done one before will be equally challenged! A game master will keep a close eye on your game and offer help along the way as needed.

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Born Free Charters Eleuthera Adventure Swimming Pigs and Turtles.

Relax and enjoy the quaint island stops and unique animal encounters on this full day, all-inclusive tour led by local, experienced guides. Our beautiful and well maintained powerboats have been customized for speed and comfort to get you to your out island day away experience in style. Guests will enjoy a laid back day of adventure while visiting four highlights of Eleuthera and Rose Island. On this tour you will enjoy some of the beaches and food that the locals enjoy. Live like a Bahamian for the day and get ready for an adventure!

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