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Bahama Divers - 2-Tank Morning Dive

Get more bang for your buck and get a two tank dive that will take you to more exotic locations at greater depths. A true adventurers package!

  • Hotel transfer: included
  • Pricing: from $133.28 per Person
  • Taxes included in the prices.

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Full Details

Morning 2-tank dive trips cater to our certified divers who want to explore the walls, reefs, and wrecks surrounding New Providence Island. Each morning all of the boats going out do this type of dive trip.

Your first dive is a deeper dive to one of a variety of beautiful sites.

Includes any of the following:

  • The Lost Blue Hole: Perhaps the most unusual dive site in the Bahamas, visited regularly by Bahama Divers. A natural hole in the ocean floor about 100ft across and 20ft deep. The perimeter is in 40ft and you will dive to a depth of 80ft max. The perimeter is dotted with isolated coral heads, each a beehive of activity. Here you will find large schools of reef fish, such as sergeant majors, chromis, angelfish and other species of fish creating halos around each coral head. Groupers, giant southern stingrays, eels and numerous sharks are also near the colorful sponges and corals.
    Note: there is an extra $20.00 fee for visiting this dive site.
  • Barracuda Shoals: The finest shallow reef in the area, with depths that never exceed 30ft. Barracuda typifies the look and life of a healthy, shallow, Bahamian reef. Actually 3 reefs in a triangular formation with a vast variety of corals competing with sponges and other invertebrates for space. Groupers, angelfish, filefish, schools of grunts and snappers are abundant on this reef.
  • Miranda Wreck: In 55ft of water this 90ft wreck lies on her side in two sections. A good medium depth wreck to give the diver ample time to explore and observe the rays, and many tropical fish that make their home on and around the Miranda.
  • Fish Hotel: Home of thousands of schooling, juvenile bluestriped and French grunts, yellow goatfish and Bermuda chub. The reef is literally blanked with them. Hard coral growth is minimal, giving way instead to soft corals such as gorgonians, seawhips and seafans. Depths on this flat, circular reef range from about 10ft to 35 ft. Because there are so many fish we say "the fish check in and forget to check out!"
  • Shipyard: There are four wrecks at this site sitting in 90ft of water. The Ana Lise, a 150ft freighter lying on her port side, the 95ft Helena C, the 90ft Bahama Shell, and the newest one is a wooden hulled cargo ship sunk in early 1994.
  • Mahoney Wreck: This old girl dates back to the 1800's and should not be missed. As a navigational hazard it was blown apart and now lies scattered in 30ft. An incredible collection of groupers, snappers, grunts, pipefish, angelfish, butterflies, eels and invertebrates are always present on her scattered remains. You can hand feed fish here in quantities that will amaze you.
  • Lighthouse Wreck & Reef: In 35ft of water lies a 65ft wreck. This site is located by the Nassau Harbour Lighthouse and it is surrounded by concrete blocks that form an artificial reef where you can see Caribbean tropical fish, lobsters and nurse sharks.

We decide on the specific site we will be diving on the actual dive day. This keeps us flexible and gives us an idea of what the best weather conditions are and what everyone on the boat would prefer to do.

Equipment Included: Tanks, Weights & Weight belt

Pre-Requisite for Participation: Certified Diver


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