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Bahama Divers - 1-Tank Afternoon Dive

Enjoy a one tank afternoon dive which can take you to a variety of different dive sites for a great price.

  • Hotel transfer: included
  • Pricing: from $99.68 per Person
  • Taxes included in the prices.

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Full Details

Our afternoon 1-tank trip operates similarly to the morning trip although mostly in shallower waters so that we can accommodate "Resort Course" divers and can include one of the following dive sites:

  • Thunderball Reef: One of the most filmed reefs in the world, used during several of the James Bond movies. The outstanding feature here is the magnificent stand of elkhorn and staghorn corals. The full gamut of dazzling reef fish also abound on the 25ft deep reef. The reef starts in 5ft of water so it is excellent for snorkelers as well as divers.
  • Cannonball Reef: Another site also filmed during many of the movies. This site is also known for its fantastic snorkeling and shallow dive site. Angelfish are in abundance here. Schools of sergeant major, rock hind, grouper, squirrelfish, and occasional barracudas and lobster to be found.
  • Angelfish Reef: As the site name says numerous Grey angels, queen angels, and French angels are to be found here. This site is shallow and abundant for snorkelers and divers alike. Often the dive guide finds puffer fish, starfish, yellow stingrays, and conch to show guests.
  • White Hole: This is a circular patch of sand surrounded with numerous brain coral, mountainous star coral, large flower coral and the typical fish seen on most shallow reefs.
  • LTC Barge: This barge sits upright in about 20ft of water and can be entered through the wheelhouse. A wonderful site to spend an hour of bottom time observing large schools of small fish along with spectacular angelfish, and butterflies. Superb photographic opportunities with accommodating angelfish.

Equipment Included: Tanks, Weights & Weight belt

Pre-Requisite for Participation: Certified Diver


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