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Blackbeard's Escape - A Pirate Themed Escape Room

Blackbeard's Escape is perfect for couples, families, schools, coworkers, shipmates, tourist, adults and children! Experienced escape gamers and those who haven't done one before will be equally challenged! A game master will keep a close eye on your game and offer help along the way as needed.

  • Hotel transfer: optional
  • Pricing: from $32.00 per (1-4 players), $30.00 per (5-7 players), $24.88 per (8 players), $199.00 per (private game)
  • Taxes included in the prices.
  • TO BOOK: +1 242 677 2600 or EMAIL.

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Full Details

The year is 1718. Blackbeard and his fellow pirates are being hunted by the British in an effort to rid the Bahamas of piracy Blackbeard has been in hiding for months; you have been summoned to Blackbeard's lair to help him evade capture. The Governor has found out about this and is bringing the army - you'll have just 60 minutes to escape! Blackbeard has already started his escape; you and your fellow pirates will need to follow the clues, solve puzzles, communicate and work as a team to join Blackbeard before the British catch you!

Tickets are:

  • $32 each from 1-4 players
  • $30 each from 5-7 players
  • $24.88 each for 8 players
  • Customers can either purchase by ticket or get a private game for $199.00.

Although we do not offer parking or transportation we are conveniently located in The Pirates of Nassau Museum in downtown Nassau, within a few minutes walk of the cruise ship port.

We ask that players please arrive at Pirates of Nassau least 15 minutes before game time for waiver signing and game briefing. We suggest that guests budget at least 1.5 hours for the activity.


Scheduling information for this excursion is available on the booking form.